Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Dye-Free Easter Eggs

Personally, I love dying eggs! But here are some adorable alternatives if you want to go dye-free!

Sticker eggs
Words That Stick Use foam alphabet stickers to add playful phrases to eggs for the Easter breakfast buffet. $4; joann.com

Napkin Decoupage eggs 
Beautiful Blooms
For an Easter decoration you can use year after year, have kids cut flowers from paper napkins and d├ęcoupage them onto ceramic eggs.
What you'll need: Floral paper napkins, scissors, foam brush, Elmer's glue, blown-out or ceramic egg, small roll of tape
Make it: Cut flowers or desired design from paper napkins. If using 2-ply napkins, peel away the thin white paper backing from the cutout napkin pieces (this will make it easier to glue to the egg). Use a foam brush to apply glue to half of the egg, then press a napkin flower on top and cover with a thin layer of glue. Add more napkin flowers, one by one, making sure to brush the top of each with glue. Place the half covered egg on the roll of tape and let dry for about 15 minutes, then repeat for the other half of the egg. When completely covered, set the egg on roll of tape and let it dry overnight.

Easter Egg Family
Egg Heads Make Easter a family affair. Disguise shells by drawing on facial features and adding yarn hair and hats.

Easter animals
Funny Farm Transform eggs into Easter icons with a little felt and a lot of imagination.

Funny Farm: Bunny 
 Funny Farm:Bunny
What you'll need: Felt, marker, scissors, craft glue, blown-out or ceramic egg, small white pom-pom, extra small pink pom-pom, pink yarn, hair spray, bottle cap
Make it: To make the outer ear shapes, trace your child's thumb onto pink felt twice. To make the inner ear shapes, trace your child's pinky finger onto white felt twice. Cut all of the ear shapes out, then glue the inner ear shape on top of the outer ear shape, making sure to leave about ¼" at the bottom unattached, and set aside to dry. In the meantime, cut three 1-inch pieces of yarn and spray with hair spray to stiffen; let dry. Rest the egg in the bottle cap and apply two small dots of glue to the top, about ½" apart, and gently separate the unattached part of each bunny ear and press down on the glue dots. When yarn is dry, twist the pieces together in the middle and glue to the front of the egg, about halfway down. Attach the extra small pink pompom on top of the yarn whiskers for a nose. Glue the whit
Chick Easter egg 
Funny Farm: Chick
What you'll need: Felt, marker, scissors, craft glue, blown-out or ceramic egg, bottle cap
Make it: Download, print, and cut out the feather templates. Trace templates onto felt and cut out. Glue the diamond-shaped piece of felt onto the top of the egg. Apply a thin line of glue along the bottom of the pointy piece and press along the length of the diamond-shaped piece; let dry. Cut a small triangle from felt, bend in half, and glue the bottom half onto the front of the egg for a beak. Draw two small dots above the beak for eyes. Let dry completely.
e pompom to the back of the egg for a tail. Use a marker to draw eyes on the bunny, then draw a mouth. (Tip: draw the letter J then add a loop on the other side.) Leave the bunny on the bottle cap to dry overnight.

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  1. Too cute!!! we did the bunny rabbit and it was too adorable!!!Thanks for sharing !!!