Friday, March 4, 2011

Must Have's for New Mom's-List A

When becoming a new mom,  typically one takes to the internet to find what all other moms are saying are the Baby Gear items that you have to have!  When becoming a new mom myself, I did the exact same thing. And this is what I've come up with (with a few items added that I had to run out and by after the baby was born!)

 1. Pack 'n Play- I used a very old basinet for for the first month that I was home with my baby, I could of very easily just put her in the Pack 'n Play in the room and skipped the basinet. She grew very long, fast so there wasn't much time she fit in the basinet!

2.  Swaddle Blanket -Not all babies like these, but I would guess most newborns would really benefit from them at least for a little while.  Get the kind with the velcro so you can sleep peacefully knowing you're little one is bundled up and safe!

3. Baby Bath Tub- The one I have is one of the simple, cheaper versions, but I (and my daughter) love it. She's 10 months old and still uses the same tub that she used when she was 2 weeks!

4. A Nursing pillow- This really is a life-saver! It's the perfect fit/size for a newborn to be cradled easily and saves your arms!

 5. MAM Pacifiers- I LOVE these paci's...if it's something you are going to give you're baby, these mute buttons are so the cutest and babies seem to love them! 

6.  A Cute, Stylish, Cheap, Large Diaper Bag- For me, choosing my diaper bag was seriously one of the harder things to pick. I didn't want to spend hundreds on it (it would only be getting filled with baby items and probaby would get stained!), I wanted it to be cute and stylish (I didn't want it to have winnie the pooh or zoo animals on it!) and I knew I wanted a big one that would fit everything I needed (I'm always way overpacked!).  After scouring the internet for the perfect bag, I came across a very cute one that was large and cheap! When it came in the mail I knew I had hit the jackpot. It fits everything and even attaches easily to my stroller. (Chelsea & Main, $25 Walmart)

That about does it for now, I'll add more soon (See List B)!

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